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  • Noralee AW23 Drop 2 | Catalog - Rylee + Cru Canada

    Noralee AW23 Drop 2 | Catalog

    Noralee AW23 | Drop 2   Celebrate the wonders and the magic of the festive season with Drop 2 of Noralee’s AW23 Collection. Every silhouette has something special, capturing all the...

  • Noralee AW23 Drop 1 | Catalog

    Noralee AW23 Drop 1 | Catalog

    Noralee AW23 | Drop 1.   Featuring styles designed with graceful silhouettes, soft and textured fabrics, delicate details, and cozy knits. You and your little ones can adorn yourselves in timeless elegance...

  • NL SS23 | Mama + Mini

    NL SS23 | Mama + Mini

    Noralee SS23 Mama + Mini Our first-ever, Mama + Mini collection! Twin with your little ones for special occasions in style. Inspired by unique vintage pieces, every silhouette is blossoming...

  • SS23 Drop 2 | Lookbook

    SS23 Drop 2 | Lookbook

    This season we celebrate the wonders of Spring, from the pastel colors of a flourishing bloom to the rich scents of lavender and lemon that fills the air welcoming a...

  • SS23 Drop 2 | Catalog

    SS23 Drop 2 | Catalog

    Say hello to drop two of our Spring Summer ‘23 Collection. Whimsical prints, timeless textures, and dreamy hues to usher in a new season of warm celebrations.

  • Tulle Capsule | Catalog

    Tulle Capsule | Catalog

    Capturing the whimsical spirit of the Noralee girl, our newest Tulle Collection is an expression of playfulness and delight. Inspired by vintage ballet costumes, each dress was designed with twirls...

  • Noralee | Tea Party in the Garden

    Noralee | Tea Party in the Garden

    Valentines Day Tea Party in the Garden This Valentines Day we celebrate sisterhood, friendship and the love that surrounds us daily. With a cup full of tea, a macaroon on...